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LIVEXchange Conference 2019
Terms & Conditions:
Please read the below terms and conditions carefully. By selecting ‘Yes’ and proceeding with your booking you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as listed below.
1. Interpretation:
In these terms:
“Company” means Australian Livestock Export Corporation Ltd (LIVECORP)
“Conference” means LIVEXchange Conference in Townsville, Australia from 30 to 31 October 2019
“Registration Manager” means Agri Alliance

2. Bookings and cancellations:
2.1. Payment is required with booking. Bookings are confirmed only when full payment is received in cleared funds. Once your booking is confirmed it is your responsibility to update any changes to your booking by notifying the Registration Manager in writing via email. If you have any special requests, you should also bring these to the attention of the Registration Manager.
2.2. No refunds on conference bookings will be issued within 30 days of the Conference commencing. Cancellations must be notified in writing via email to the Registration Manager. Cancellations received up to 30 days prior to the Conference commencement date (30 October 2019) will receive a refund less a handling fee of $33 including GST. No refund will be given after this date; however a substitute delegate name may be submitted.
2.3. It is the delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors responsibility to ensure that details regarding special dietary requirements are made known to the Registration Manager at the time of booking.

3. Conference materials:
3.1. Images/Photos/Recordings: In registering for this Conference, delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors grant permission to the Company, its agents and others working under its authority, to take and to have full and free use of video/photographs containing their image/likeness. It is understood these images/recordings may be used for promotional, news, on-line/multimedia, research and/or educational purposes by and for the Company. Delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors agree that they are not entitled to remuneration, residuals, royalties or any other payment from the Company in respect of their image/likeness or its use. Delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors release, discharge, and hold harmless, the Company and its agents from any and all claims, demands or causes of actions that they may hereafter have by reason of anything contained in the photographs or video. Should a delegate, speaker, sponsor and exhibitor not agree to the above image release, they must advise the Registration Manager by email at time of registration. The Conference is held in a public space, therefore we do not prohibit participants, exhibitors, sponsors, news organizations and other companies from photographing or video/audio-taping the Conference activities.
3.2. Speakers’ presentations: All speakers and panellists agree that all materials presented at the Conference may be available afterwards online at the Conference website or on request.
4. Behaviour: The Company reserves the right to prohibit entry to any person to the Conference or related events or eject any person from the Conference based on behaviour deemed inappropriate. The Company staff and/or others working under its authority reserve the right to refuse entry or reject patrons from the event at its sole discretion. The Company reserves the right to refuse admission and in such an event will not refund any admission fees paid.
5. Promotional materials may not be distributed at the Conference except by the Conference sponsors and exhibitors. Delegates, speakers, sponsors or exhibitors violating this policy will be asked to leave the Conference and the Company members may have their membership revoked.
6. Program: The Company reserves the right to make changes to the program at any time as circumstances dictate. Every effort will be made to ensure a program of equivalent standard and value should unavoidable changes occur. Registration places are limited and will be allocated on a strictly 'first in' payment basis. In the event that space is unavailable you will be promptly notified.
7. List of participants: In registering for this Conference, relevant details may be incorporated into a delegate list for the benefit of all participants (name, organisation and state). Further details may be available to parties directly related to the Conference including the Conference Organisers, the Company, venues and accommodation providers (for the purpose of room bookings, special catering and physical requirements, name tag creation and Conference options). Sponsors will be supplied with the full name, title, organisation, state and email addresses of those delegates who do not 'opt out'. Exhibitors will be supplied with the full name, title, organisation, and state details of those delegates who do not 'opt out'. Should you not wish for your details to be passed on for any of the above purposes, please indicate this at time of your registration.
8. Privacy Notice: The Company is concerned with the protection of your privacy. We support the privacy principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988, as amended. The Company collects and stores your personal information for the purposes of providing information relating to LIVEXchange conferences. You can opt out at any stage by sending an email to the Registration Manager.
9. Insurance: Registration fees do not include insurance of any kind. It is recommended that participants take out their own general travel insurance. It is suggested that the insurance policy should also cover loss of fees/deposit, airfares, accommodation charges, medical expenses, loss or damage to personal property and repatriation expenses. The insurance should cover loss arising from the cancellation of the Conference by the organisers or a person’s inability to attend due to any reason whatsoever. No responsibility is taken by the Company or Registrations Manager for any person not holding insurance.
10. Liability: Registrants attend the Conference at their own risk. Registrants agree not to hold the Company, its agents and others working under its authority, liable for any losses, damages, expenses, costs, claims or liabilities suffered or incurred by registrants including consequential or indirect losses or loss of profit through registering for the Conference, attending the Conference, cancellation of the Conference, failure of the Conference to achieve your expectations, or for any error or omission by the Company, its agents and others working under its authority. Registrants agree not to hold the Company, its agents and others working under its authority, liable or responsible for any personal injury (i.e. physical, psychological or emotional stress) or any loss or damage to personal property.
11. Payment: Payment can be made online by card during the time of registration, or though direct deposit with payment details stated in the invoice sent by system via email. All registrations incur a $0.20 Processing free. Payments made online using a Visa, MasterCard or American Express will incur a 1.9% Merchant Service Fee. A GST invoice will be automatically generated and emailed for all payments.
12. Accommodation: Accommodation is not included in this booking. Refer to the Conference website for a list of approved hotels offering Conference rates.
13. Online registration and ticketing: The online ticketing components of this event is managed by Agri Alliance may be contacted regarding any matters relating to the Conference. Further information about Agri Alliance can be found at the following website